About the show

The final of the 9th Eurovision Young Dancers competition took place in the Linbury Studio Theater of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London (United Kingdom) on June 23rd 2001.

A total of 17 countries took part in the 9th EYD competition. Two countries returned (Austria and Estonia) and two new countries took part (Ukraine and Ireland). Spain, Hungary and France withdrew from the contest.

The contest itself started on June 18th and the final took place 5 days later.

Each country could send one or two dancers (male or female) not older than 20, who could perform one or two pieces of both contemporary and classical dance (folk dance was not allowed). The organization especially encouraged the participant dancers to perform new choreographies.

Jury board consisted of:

- Matthew Bourne (UK) as Head of the Jury (January 13, 1960)

- Amanda Miller (USA)

- Maina Gielgud (UK) (January 14, 1945)

- Monique Veaute (Italy)

- Samuel Wuersten (Switzerland) (1961)

Jury members were selecting one piece out of two for the finalists to perform .

The Funny Fact

The official booklet of the 2001 Young Dancers gives information about the previous winners and top 3 performers and their current jobs/performances at that moment to show the importance of the competition.

Good to Know!

Spain, which was the most successful country of the competition, withdrew from it and still has not come back. They still hold the record of victories (5), followed by The Netherlands (2).