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Eurovision Young Dancers 2015
Dagmar Vyhnálková/ČT
Dance Soldier On My Own
Choreographer Jana Kovačević Spiessová
Artist Helena Nováčková
Age 17
Composer(s) Woodkid
Broadcaster ČT
Participated in Eurovision Young Dancers 2015

About Helena Nováčková

Helena Nováčková, who turns 17 shortly before Eurovision Young Dancers 2015 takes place, was born in 1998 and lives in Prague. Aged just ten years old she began dancing, led by Ivana Malá and Kateřina Riedlová at the 'Emotion' Dance School in Prague. Since then she has learned, and become trained in, the techniques of not only ballet and contemporary dance, but also acrobatics, jazz, and lyrical dance. Helena has also taken part in workshops with well-know teachers and dancers, such as Jarek Cemerek, Dora Hoštová, Veronika Šimková, Sirpa Moksi.

In 2010 Helena was chosen, along with her twin, to work with Jana Kovačevic Spiessová on performing jazz duos. Since then, she has been performing as a soloist in many different contemporary, ballet and jazz pieces at many theatres in Prague (among others: Nová Scéna, Jatka 78, Divadlo ABC, Salesiánské divadlo) as part of the Emotion Dance School's performances. Helena has participated in many Czech and international dance festivals and competitions and, like all of this year's contestants, has received many awards for her performances! Last year she was awarded first place at Dance World Cup in Portugal, with her performance entitled "Human Targets"; while in 2013 she finished as runner-up at the DWC Jazz Dance Junior Duet in Brington.

Helena has also represented the Czech Republic at several events, including at the IDO World Championships in Mikolajki (Poland) in 2011, and helped her country's team to fifth place at the DWC World Cup in Paris in 2010. Domestically, Helena has won the Czech Dance Organization Championship of Czech Republic twice - once in the jazz group category, and the other in the jazz and modern category for children - and also taken top prize at the Taneční skupina roku national championship.


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Friday, June 19, 2015
Helena Nováčková Soldier On My Own Jana Kovačević Spiessová  

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