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Eurovision Young Dancers 2015
Dance Senses
Choreographer Thomas Rohe
Artist Thomas Rohe
Composer(s) Ólafur Arnalds
Broadcaster WDR
Participated in Eurovision Young Dancers 2015

About Thomas Rohe

Thomas started dancing at the age of four in a childrens’ dance group in his hometown of Aschaffenburg.

This enthusiasm continued as during high school he joined the Jazz/Modern competition team there. For the next nine years he and his team performed all over Bavaria and won many prizes.

At fifteen he decided to become a professional dancer and included ballet and lyrical dance styles to his training. Before he graduated from high school he was teaching Lyrical and Modern at a dance school in Aschaffenburg, where he also completed an internship that included workshops with the respected international dance companies Danceworks Chicago and Hubbard Street 2.

Since 2013 he joined the professional dance education faculty for contemporary dance at Danceworks in Berlin. His training now includes Classical Ballet, Graham, Cunningham, Horton, Release and Improvisation as well as Composition and Choreography. In addition to dancing for many years, his long term ambition is to become a choreographer for a renowned dance company.

“I feel free when I dance,” Thomas says. “To work with your own body, to be able to express feelings, to focus on details and to perform in front of an audience is an amazing feeling and also gives me a lot of confidence in life outside of the studio.”


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Friday, June 19, 2015
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