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Eurovision Young Dancers 2015
Dance L´apres midi
Choreographer Mia Stagh
Artist Agnes Klapp
Composer(s) Yann Tiersen
Broadcaster SVT
Participated in Eurovision Young Dancers 2015

About Agnes Klapp

19-year-old Agnes Klapp is from just north of Stockholm.

Her love of dance stems from when she was just five years old, and her grandmother took her to see Swan Lake. From that moment, she knew that becoming a dancer was her life's passion. After years of training, she was accepted into the Royal Swedish School of Dance, where she also continued her general education. After that, she auditioned for prima ballerina and choreographer Mia Stagh (formerly of the Royal Ballet in Stockholm), who took her under her wing. Agnes currently dances at Base 23 Dance School, founded by prima ballerina assoluta Annelie Alhanko. This spring, she will also graduate from Södra Latin School, with her exam in Jazz Dance.

In her spare time, she loves to explore her musical side; she sings and plays guitar. She is very close to her family, especially her younger sisters, Ebba and Clara. She sees her parents as her role models. When asked, "What is dance to me?", Agnes responded: "To me, dance is a continuous exploration. I'm fueled by the moments when I find new paths and develop. The smallest little modification in my way of thinking, attitude, or emphasis gives me the feeling of finding yet another unknown part of myself. Then I feel the progress, like a warm flood of water between my muscles and bones".

To get to Plzeň, Agnes competed against hundreds of other talented young dancers from all over Sweden. Her routine, choreographed by Mia Stagh, will be to Sur le fil by Yann Tiersen.


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Friday, June 19, 2015
Agnes Klapp L´apres midi Mia Stagh  

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