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Eurovision Young Dancers 2015
Dance Scream of life
Choreographer Arjan Sukniqi
Artist Klaudio Begaj
Composer(s) Klodian Qafoku
Broadcaster RTSH
Participated in Eurovision Young Dancers 2015

About Klaudio Begaj

Klaudio Begaj was born in Vlora, Albania, on 11 July 1997, and is currently studying at the "Ismail Qemali” gymnasium in Tirana - the capital of Albania.

He started dancing at a very early age, just seven years old. Ballet and dancing have been a dream come true for Klaudio, taking modern ballet courses with Mr. Erald Zela and contemporary ballet classes with Mrs. Isida Mollaymeri. Over the past ten years he has taken many different ballet courses and those in group dance, such as classic ballet, folk dances, ballroom dancing, and so on.

In the past few years Klaudio has focussed more on show and contemporary dancing. He has taken part as a dancer in various concerts and festivals in Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, and Montenegro to name but a few. Klaudio is also a member of the Albanian Red Cross. Together with his group they put on shows and participate in all charity events and activities organised by the Red Cross Albania.

When he’s not dancing, Klaudio enjoys sports, especially table tennis as it helps to improve his reflexes - something that serves him well as a dancer!


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07 Eurovision Young Dancers 2015
Friday, June 19, 2015
Klaudio Begaj Scream of life Arjan Sukniqi  

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