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Eurovision Young Dancers 2015
Dance Variation of the Male Flame
Choreographer Thom Stuart
Artist Thijs Hogenboom
Composer(s) Benjamin Britten
Broadcaster NTR
Participated in Eurovision Young Dancers 2015

About Thijs Hogenboom

Thijs Hogenboom started his dance training aged ten, at the Royal Conservertoire in The Hague.

After receiving his high-school diploma, he moved to the Royal Balletschool of Antwerp to complete his Bachelor of Dance. During his dance education there he mostly trained in classical ballet; however also took classes in modern dance, contemporary dance, Spanish and folklore.

Thijs has danced at the Balletgala Dansersfonds ’79 on several occasions, and also performed at the Ballet Gala in Tartu (Estonia) in honour of the International Dance Day - performing in a choreography put together by Michael Shannon. During his schooling, he danced choreographies of, amongst others, Jiří Kylián and Marius Petipa.

Since September 2013 Thijs has been dancing at De Dutch Junior Dance Division in The Hague, The Netherlands. De Dutch Junior Dance Division is a talent development program where the dancers are, in addition to working on their dance technique, also educated in how to give dance workshops and choreograph, as well as undertaking a and cultural entrepreneurship.

At De Dutch Junior Dance Division Thijs has played solo roles in the Nutcracker, Christmas Spectacular, Dancing Lane and Solo’s@theSea - choreographies by Thom Stuart, Rinus Sprong, Ed Wubbe and Armando Navarro respectively.


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Friday, June 19, 2015
Thijs Hogenboom Variation of the Male Flame Thom Stuart  

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