How will the winner be chosen?

How will the winner be chosen?
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As the countdown to Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 gets ever closer, we thought you may want to know exactly how the winner of this year’s contest will be chosen.

Eurovision Young Dancers will be broadcast live on the night of Friday 14 June to millions of homes across Europe, as well as online to the world here on But how will the 2013 Eurovision Young Dancer be crowned? Here’s how the competition will work:

  • Each dancer will perform a solo dance, which can be a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • The performers of the first five dances will take part in a group dance after the fifth performance, lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Performers in positions 6-10 will then perform their individual dances, followed by their own group dance.
  • The jury is made up of three dance professionals, representing the three main elements: classical ballet, hip hop, and contemporary dance.
  • During each performance, the jury will be asked to consider: the faithfulness of the choreography; the quality of the dance performance and artistic expression; and the flexibility of the dancer to adapt to new styles of dance.
  • After all ten individual dances, and the two group performances, the jury will chose two participants to advance to the final duel.
  • The duel dance lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds, with equal time given to each participant during a ‘dance off’.
  • Each juror will then be asked to name his/her favourite. The dancer who receives at least two nominations will be declared the winner.

The live webstream will be avliable at this link, featuring commentary in Engish and technical analysis from Grigor Bazdar.


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Saturday 16th December 2017

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