Mia Stagh: "Taking part in this competition is a gift. The dancers should live this moment"

Mia Stagh: "Taking part in this competition is a gift. The dancers should live this moment"
Mia Stagh performing in 1985 (left), and her student Agnes Kalpp in 2015 (right)
Pilsen, Czech Republic -

She represented Sweden in the very first Young Dancers competition in 1985 together with Göran Svalberg and this year she is back as choreographer and commentator.

We are happy to have Mia Stagh here in Pilsen: not only because she is the choreographer of the Swedish dancer Agnes Klapp, but also because on Friday evening she will be giving her comments during the live online broadcast of the show at She also represented Sweden at the very first Contest in 1985 in Reggio Emilia, where she finished 3rd. We had the chance to talk a bit with her about the competition and her memories about it.

Mia remembers that she won the Swedish pre-selection for the first Eurovision Young Dancers together with Göran Svalberg and she sees many similarities between both contests, although there is a difference of 30 years: "Compared to the 1985 Young Dancers, I must say that the atmosphere is the same as then, a warm atmosphere. As difference, back then we had contemporary dance as well but there was mostly classical dance. The big question was if classical and modern dance could compete against each other."

She thinks that this competition could help the dancers in many ways, not only to develop themselves but also for their future careers: "The Eurovision Young Dancers gave me a lot of feedback and work, since I could work as soloist in several companies in Europe (Zürich, Vienna, Düsseldorf) because they knew me because of the competition."

"You meet the other dancers, and you learn so much when you are working together with them, because they come from different countries and have different backgrounds. And also the competition will give them chances because they will be on TV. There is not much dance on TV nowadays, and everybody who is interested or has a company or school will watch it, so they get the chance to show themselves, which is great," she added.

Mia would like to give a last advice to all participants: "I would advice the dancers to live this moment. It is such a nice memory... It is a gift to do this competition, for me it was a pleasure. I think of this moment so many times. And competing makes you grow, because your performance is the actual show."


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Eurovision Young Dancers 2017


Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic


Saturday 16th December 2017

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