Steering Group

The Eurovision Young Dancer's Steering Committee is the executive Expert Committee for all Members, and its purpose is to control and guide the Eurovision Young Dancers competition all year round. It contains representatives from the EBU, previous host broadcasters, the current host broadcaster, and members from other participating broadcasters.

The Steering Group meets four to five times each year on behalf of all participating Broadcasters, and is required to take decisions in the general interest of the Eurovision Young Dancers. The current Steering Group is made up of the following representatives:

Robert Kamyk (TVP)

Head of the Steering Group

Vladislav Yakovlev (EBU)

EYD Executive Supervisor

Arild Erikstad (NRK)

Joost van Krieken (NTR)

Ditte Feuk (SVT)

Lothat Mattner (WDR)

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